Tax Day Tea Party II

Join Your Fellow Patriots at The Biggest Event Of The Year — Thursday April 15, 2010!

It’s the 1st year anniversary of the Tea Party that started it all

Tax Day Tea Party II

  • Date: Thursday, April 15, 2010
  • Time: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Location: Plaza de Cesar Chavez — Downtown San Jose
  • Map

Make sure to mark your calendar to join thousands of people in a rally for freedom and liberty!

18 responses to “Tax Day Tea Party II

  1. This will be my first time coming out to support this great American movement. Its time for us to take America back and get our Liberty back.

  2. This will be my first time as well! I cant wait!!! We need to take control!
    Down with osmama-oopps obamanation!

    Im one of the few(young) people of my generation that can see right through that socialist of a president!

  3. Sometimes living in California, it feels like you are alone. It will be exciting to see like minded voters here in San Jose.

  4. Can we bring posters? Like our own protest posters?

  5. Silicon Valley Tea Party

    Yes. Please bring your own signs and an extra one too for someone else if you’re so inclined. Bring signs, posters, flags, whatever you want!

    See you there!

  6. Awesome! thank you so much!
    I cant wait! I am sooo super excited!

  7. I posted this elsewhere: please visit to see what those who want to stifle us intend to do. They will infiltrate us. It is important that we do not confront them, but identify them and videotape their mischief. Post the tapes to youtube as the mainstream media will not air them. And as last year, remain polite, pick up your mess and spell-check your signs!

  8. Where do we park? Will we have electricty available?

    I am taking the day off and will be there early.

    • Silicon Valley Tea Party

      There is plenty of parking in the city garages and the street. There is no electricity, we are running our speaker program off of a power generator so you won’t have access to any electrical power. See you there!!!!

  9. Can’t wait for my first tea party!!

  10. In Washington DC we see a great lesson in liberal politics right in front of our eyes. Pay attention America. This lesson has inspired me to work in every way to vote out the current administration and its supporters. That would be everyone with a “D” behind their name. I’m looking forward to seeing more patriots at the Tea Party.

  11. I am SOOOOO Looking Forward to the Tea Party Rally in San Jose today!

    I just wish that the November elections could be held sooner….so we can vote the bums out and vote IN some constitution-respecting politicians that share our values…..Obama and his motley crew have several more months to do irreparable harm to this country until November, so LET”S KEEP THE PRESSURE ON those currently in Congress to stop all the plans of the White House.

    Party like it’s 1773, people! Looking foerward to joining hands and standing with you there later today!

  12. This will be my first tea party. Is there a list of tonight’s speakers anywhere?

    • Silicon Valley Tea Party

      Here’s our speaker line-up:

      1. Barbara Simpson, KSFO Radio Host and local journalist for many years; former KTVU anchorwoman
      2. Emily Schaeffer, Professor of Economics, San Jose State University; Specializes in entrepreneurship – especially important to Silicon Valley
      3. Richard Geno, President of Conservative Forum
      4. Tim Morgan, former Treasurer of Republican National Committee
      5. Aaron Neighbor, San Jose State University student
      6. David Howell, Silicon Valley Tea Party Co-Founder

  13. I’m an American who happens to be gay and I am sick and tired of the mainstream media’s mischaracterization of the Tea Party people as crazy, violent, racist, homophobic, etc., etc., so I’m joining with you in solidarity at today’s Tax Day Tea Party. ‘Dissent is patriotic’, after all! Viva Liberty!

  14. I missed it DOHH!!

  15. Welp, I came out to the Party for an hour yesterday. I’ve been following the movement since Santelli’s rant on CNBC, but this was the first time I’ve come to a rally. I enjoyed it tremendously and I WILL be back.

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