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Tax Day Tea Party 2011

April 15 Tax Day Rally

  • Date: Friday, April 15, 2011
  • Time: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Featuring KSFO’s Brian Sussman 
  • Location: Plaza de Cesar Chavez — Downtown San Jose
  • Map

Bring you signs, spirit, and flags for a Tea Party Rally!

4th of July Event

Fourth of July Parade in Morgan Hill
Sunday, July 4, 2010
Morgan Hill Parade Details:

  • The meeting time is no later than 9:00am
  • The meeting place is the corner of Depot Ave and 1st St.
  • Parking is at Depot Ave. and Main St.
  • We are in Brigade 3
  • The parade begins at 11:00am

Email or click here for more information

Another parade option for Tea Party Patriots in the Novato area:

  • The meeting time is 10:00am-10:30am
  • The meeting place is the staging area on Sweetser, 1 block north of Grant. The parade is located on Grant and Reichert in downtown Novato
  • Parking anywhere west of Redwood Blvd and walk to the staging area on Sweetser
  • Email sally@bayareapatriots.comcastbiz for more information

What A Party!!

Tax Day Tea Party II was a huge success.  Thank you —  all 3,000 of YOU —  for making this happen!!

Check out our Facebook group to view and post photo’s and video’s. You can also view our media coverage, start discussions, and mingle with your fellow patriots.

Click here to go to our Facebook page.

Thank you for promoting the causes of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets with us!

James Carville Wants You!

James Carville Wants You!

Last week it was uncovered by Andrew Breitbart of that James Carville and the Democrat attack dogs are so afraid of the Tea Party that they are coming after its leaders. That means You!

So what to do? How about giving them the entire leadership team? The Tea Party Patriots have created a website to do just that.

“I Am The Tea Party Leader” allows you to upload a video of yourself letting the world know that you are a Tea Party leader. It’s clever and fun. Go here and take it for a test drive.

12 Million California Registered Voters Are With Us

Want to share some great news from the latest California Field Poll.


That’s over 12 Million people that are With Us!

Link to Field Poll here.*

Remember to put April 15th on your calendar for the Tax Day Tea Party II. This is going to be a huge rally, we’re expecting over 5,000 patriots—double the amount of last year—to come out and show support for the Silicon Valley Tea Party mission of Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and the Free Market Principles our country was founded on. We must put our country back on track and hold our politicians feet to the fire. The expected turnout nationally is in the millions, possibly as high as 10 million. Over 2 million patriots are expected to show up at the D.C. capital alone, this will be the largest tea party ever. If you want to go to the D.C. rally visit

As we put together the details of the event, check our website and Facebook group for updates regularly. Just so you know, we are planning to have an evening event with speakers, music and lots of rowdy protesters.

  • Who: Silicon Valley Tea Party Patriots
  • What: Tax Day Tea Party II
  • Where: Plaza de Ceszar Chavez
  • When: Thursday, April 15 at 5:00 PM
  • Map to location

Thank you for promoting the causes of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets with us!

—Deanna Doyon
Silicon Valley Tea Party

*Please ignore polling results regarding the birth certificate as this is not part of our mission, but was unfortunately included within the field poll results.

Have You Ever Wanted to Be a Part of Getting an Initiative on The California Election Ballot?

Here’s your chance to help stop the Unions and their political machine by taking part in the “Citizens Power Initiative” Campaign!

The California statewide Tea Party Patriots have petitioned an initiative titled “Citizens Power Initiative” to amend the California constitution. This initiative will make it illegal to use public employee wage deductions to fund political activities.

When this initiative passes:

  • Public Employee Unions will not be allowed to use any portion of workers’ paychecks (funds that are collected by the government) for political activities. This would remove hundreds of millions of dollars from the corrupt Political Machine that dominates California politics and level the playing field for all groups and citizens.
  • Public employees would regain the right to make their own decisions about their political donations, not have the Union Bosses play politics for them.
  • Public Employee Unions and their politician cronies will have to ASK for voluntary political contributions just like everyone else!

We the people of California need to take back the political machine from the Unions and put it back in the hands of the citizens. The Unions control California’s politics thru political contributions taken right out of worker’s wages. The workers don’t even get a say in how the money is spent. That money goes right into contributions to political campaigns –- meaning big payback after the elections. Take a look at your congressional representative, chances are that the top three campaign contributors are Unions. The Unions control the California legislature and are driving our state into bankruptcy.

The “Citizens Power Initiative” will make it illegal for union dues to be used to fund any political business or activity. To get involved now go to Take a look at the problem and solution tabs to learn why this initiative is so important to our state’s and our own livelihood. While you’re there don’t forget to join the community at:

The Silicon Valley Tea Party Patriots are dedicated to be a part of the signature drive. We need leaders to commit to getting signatures for Santa Clara County. This is your chance to make history. And the Silicon Valley Tea Party Patriots movement is going to be instrumental in making this happen.

Many of you have been asking what you can do to help — this is your chance to make a direct impact. In order for the initiative to appear on the November 2010 ballot 1.3 million signatures of California registered voters are need. The deadline for signatures is April 15, 2010. We desperately need volunteers to collect signatures for Silicon Valley — our goal is 200,000 signatures.  You can find the petition here and the training video here.

Send an email to for info on how to volunteer to be a leader in this campaign.

We need your help to Unplug the Political Machine and put Citizens back in control of California!

Kind regards,

Deanna & Team

URGENT: Final Battle Against Pelosi-Care in the House Tomorrow!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning to ram her healthcare bill through tomorrow, Saturday, November 7th.

We are asking everyone to make urgent phone calls today and tomorrow to the swing votes in the House. Click here to begin calling these key 21 House Members to tell them to VOTE NO on Pelosi-Care.

If you have even 15 minutes today, please also go visit your local Congressional office and tell the staff that your Congressman should VOTE NO on Pelosi-Care tomorrow. You can find a list of congressional offices here.

All of you have given so much of your time, money and energy to defend liberty. You are an inspiration. You are making a difference, and your last minute phone calls and congressional office visits could be the key to victory tomorrow. Thanks again, and let’s fight this bill together for the next couple of days.

Let’s Kill this Bill!